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The Companion Spirit

A type of photographic error (and sometimes Hoax) is the Companion Spirit image.
This type of image is supposed to be an image of a spirit that is attached to a person. This can be either a relatives spirit, Spirit Guide, Angel or Demon (This time probably not holding the spirit of a little girl hostage).

This type of image has become a very bad type of "proof" of the afterlife/spirit world because of the psychological impact that it has on people. Once again an image that has absolutely no paranormal content is being passed off as something that it is not because people are looking for a paranormal answer when there is a rational answer. This is stated best by the people involved in the making of this type of image. "using technical devices with the intent to get meaningful information from beyond in such forms as voices, images, and text." This points out the example of looking for the evidence when there is none. Unfortunately this type of image convinces the subject of the image that they have some sort of spirit attached to them which can cause major psychological issues.

The reality behind the images is that the camera (usually a Polaroid, but can be any type of camera) is used with a flash but also with a slow shutter speed. This can be caused by partially blocking the flash on an automatic camera or manually setting the camera to night portrait mode or the wrong manual settings, and just slightly moving the camera while the shutter is open. This causes the image to contain two images of the subject, one that is reasonably sharp and another that is similar but because of the transparency and blur created by the technique it will not always match the subject exactly. This makes the explanation of the image being something or someone different easier to pull off. Most of these types of image will have other items blurred in the photograph as well as transparency to some items.

Baxters blurred
                  companion spirit
This is an example of the "Companion" that does not look exactly like the main subject.
The photograph is just the result of a slow shutter speed and a small movement of the camera to the left during the exposure.

Jeff has a blurry ghost
This image shows that all of the photograph can be clear and sharp but still include the additional "face" that makes it a Companion spirit image.

This type of image is also covered in the Hoax section because of the people that have been charging the innocent for bad photographs to prove that the spiritual realm exists. It is very important to understand how to use your equipment properly and not hurt people when you know that the images are not paranormal.