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Fun on the Coach

We signed up for the Wine Tasting and Ghost Tour through a living social deal- This was SO much FUN!  These guys are funny, informative, knowledgeable, and super friendly! What a great experience! Perfect outing for a fall night close to Halloween. A nice bus takes you around the town with a few stops to get out along the way to hear more about the locations. These guys know their Denver history!!
The wine tasting before hand at Wild Women Wines is a fun start.
Highly recommended~ Had a blast!

Message from 09/2013
Thank you for letting me come along on your Ghost tour on Friday evening. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing all of your stories. I've always told Lisa and Jenny (daughters) that I watched Ghost Hunters not for what they did but for where they went. With the tour you and Bryan conducted, I enjoyed the stories as much if not more than the places you showed us. You both made the night fun - you're both great tour guides - and I didn't have to catch you once.

Thanks again,


October 24, 2010

A review of the Haunted Wine Tour in Denver.

A review of the Haunted Wine Tour in Denver.


          On the fifteenth of October, I had the opportunity to take part in the Haunted Wine Tour1 in downtown Denver, Colorado. This was a three hour tour2 hosted by Bryan and Baxter of the Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research Society3. Now, before you pre-judge the event and/or organization, take some time to peruse in depth the website and you’ll quickly realize that Bryan Bonner and Matthew Baxter are well-known and respected in the skeptical community. Be sure to subscribe to the Podcast or listen to the live weekly show, ‘Warning Radio’ if you are even slightly interested in the topic of skepticism especially when applied to paranormal claims.

          My first encounter with Bryan and Baxter was their presentation at the Humanists of Colorado a couple of years back. More recently, I happened to meet up with them at a ‘Skeptics in the Pub’ meeting at Denver’s own Bull and Bush tavern. Since I knew them from previous experience, I was eagerly anticipating a splendid demonstration.

          I will not provide spoilers here as to the locations, presentations, and the detailed stories behind the historical sites visited during this tour. Suffice it to say that the locations visited were either well known Denver historical landmarks or landmarks of historical significance that one would miss unless one’s attention was drawn to them. There were no phenomena that were experienced that could be misinterpreted as ‘ghosts’ or ‘hauntings’. Rather, the tour was much more a positive, fun and enlightening experience for there were several straight-forward points that were communicated to those on the tour. This wasn’t done in any cynical or conceited mode, but rather with an open and fun-loving manner. I expect that anyone taking this tour would come away with the following:

·         Though there are unexplained stories and incidences, it does not mean one can jump to supernatural conclusions.

·         To understand the real history and comprehend the development of paranormal claims is far more satisfying than simply believing the story at face-value.

·         It is important to rely on the facts and investigate the real events that have led to the stories.

·         Misinterpretations, speculations, and embellishments are common amongst stories of the supernatural. It is therefore important to maintain a skeptical outlook.

 Although the original goal of this short review was to encourage others to sign up and take the tour. I had quickly realized that the tour was sold out before I had finished experiencing it. I trust that due to its success and draw, that a repeat performance next year may be probable. If so, then by all means take the opportunity to enjoy the tour and learn some interesting historical facts about Denver Colorado.