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Text of the proposed Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission

A look at the Commission Wording.

Sec. 2-255.59

1. Extraterrestrial intelligent being means a form of life assumed to exist or originate from outside Earth or its atmosphere.

  Are we going to base a public commission based on an assumption?

2. Extraterrestrial vehicle means a non-living method of transportation originating from outside the Earth of its atmosphere.

Why if we are assuming that there are extraterrestrials would they not have a biological transport device? If they do are we not supposed to study it as well?

3. Exopolitics means the study of the key individuals, political or other institutions, and processes associated with extraterrestrial life.


Sec. 2-255.60 Legislative intent.

The People of the City and County of Denver hereby declare that:

1. The presence of extraterrestrial intelligent beings and extraterrestrial vehicles on Earth, and within Earth’s atmosphere, has been confirmed by credible evidence, official government documents, and whistleblowers formerly working for the U.S. Government and government contractors;

By agreeing with this you either have seen “official Government documents” that are not released, which makes you either a person who is breaking the agreement with the Government for a security clearance or admittance to being a Spy who has looked at unreleased Secret documents. You would also be agreeing that there is “credible evidence” that has been collected and researched to conclude that it is extraterrestrial in nature (which it has not).  This is a classic example of “Argument from Authority” this means that regardless of the credibility of the source, it is assumed that they are right because they are in a position of authority.

2. Evidence of extraterrestrial beings has been known by United States presidents since President Franklin Roosevelt, including President Ronald Regan as disclosed by his presentation to the United Nations regarding extraterrestrial matters;

This is another claim based on assumption that they have some sort of inside information of the Presidents knowledge. This information usually comes from conspiracy minded people who are from the E.T. believer camp and not from any official sources.  The statement that President Ronald Regan made was “In our obsession with antagonisms of the moment, we often forget how much unites all the members of humanity. Perhaps we need some outside, universal threat to make us recognize this common bond. I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside of this world. And yet I ask - is not an alien force already among us? “ This was used as an example of a universal threat to all of the world and not a statement of his admittance of the existence of extraterrestrial life.


3. Since at least 1947, the United States government has denied knowledge of this evidence, thus placing the public and local governments at potential risk and disadvantage;

The reference to 1947 is due to the “Roswell incident” which has been explained/debunked by both the Government as well as private citizens. This is only considered to be a real event by people in the extraterrestrial believer communities.

4. The United States government has suppressed, and withheld from the public, evidence of advanced clean energy, transportation and other technologies of extraterrestrial origin. These technologies could potentially offer substantial economic relief for our most pressing social and economic concerns, including a reduction of pollution and at least partial replacement of fossil fuels with affordable non-polluting energy sources, and other advanced technologies.

This statement once again assumes that you have some kind of inside information. The section itself claims that the government has withheld this information from the public. How can you sign and declare this document true with assumed claims like this? This also claims that this information that you are assuming includes clean energy technologies. How can we assume this when the statement itself states that they have suppressed this information from the public? How can we assume that an extraterrestrial form of energy would be different from our own or not be deadly to human life forms? This is one of the common claims of the people behind the “Disclosure” movement; they claim clean-free energy, better medical technologies but have no proof of these other than the assumptions that they are making you agree with by signing this document.

5. Local government officials have rejected or ignored the need to prepare city personnel and citizens for potential contact of interactions with extraterrestrial intelligent beings of their vehicles even though:

a. Multiple federal government agencies have acknowledged the presence of extraterrestrial intelligent beings, through hundreds of official documents, but have not informed our citizens about how to intelligently and responsibly respond to UFO/extraterrestrial encounters;

b.   Hundreds of top military leaders, government scientists, government contractors, commercial airline pilots, air traffic controllers and NASA officials, many with Top Secret clearances, have been disclosing their person experiences and involvement in interacting with UFOs not from Earth and, in some cases, their apparent extraterrestrial intelligent occupants;

c.  A credible non-profit organization has received over ten thousand (10,000) written reports of UFO sightings, primarily in the U.S., during the period Nov. 2005 – April 2008. The total number of reports nationally in 2008 was more than twice the number from the previous year. There have been more than 1,000 written reports of Colorado UFO sightings submitted to the same organization during the period of Jan. 2000 – April 2008;

d. Government denial, ridicule, and a lack of public awareness about this credible evidence prevent the responsible evaluation of potential risks and benefits for the safety, health and cultural awareness of Denver residents and visitors in relation to potential interactions with extraterrestrial intelligent beings;

Why would the local government be concerned about the repercussions of an extraterrestrial contact?  If extraterrestrials were to somehow appear the Federal government would be in control and the local government would have no jurisdiction.

a. This statement once again point out that the source of the information is either coming from people who assume that this is true or a person who is somehow breaking their government clearance. If these documents exist and you agree that they do by signing this, where are they?

b. This is another case of “Argument from authority” meaning that just because someone has an authoritative title does not make them any more credible. The average number of people with delusional psychological disorders is less within the people with Top Secret and government jobs who have “come forward” about the extraterrestrial issue in the employment in these types of jobs than the general populace of the country.  This means that the government is screening employees well enough to have less people with these types of psychological conditions than the general public.

c.  This “credible non-profit organization” that they are not naming is MUFON (The Mutual U.F.O. Network) this organization is based in Colorado and has been collecting reports of U.F.O. sighting for over 40 years. Recently the International Director of MUFON has come out publically stating that the Stan Romanek case which the Denver E.T. Commission has based most of its “evidence” on is not credible.

d. This statement is based on assumption again due to the government’s lack of releasing the information that you agree that they have when you sign this document.

6. At present our government does not have any protocols for:

a. Responsibly evaluating, documenting, and acting on citizen reports of encounters of interactions with extraterrestrial intelligent beings, regardless of the highly unusual and credible evidence that may attend such encounters and interactions; or

b. Referring such reports to properly trained city personnel,  or private professional individuals or organizations that have responsibly dealt with such matters in a professional manner;

According to the previous statements in this document the government has already documented and interacted with extraterrestrial intelligent beings, so why would they not have protocols? The “credible evidence” that they claim has been documented has not been shown or researched by the general public so how do they know that it exists? If there are groups that have dealt with these matters in a professional manner in the past, why can we not continue to have them take care of what they would be referred to take care of in the first place without government interaction?

7. There is enough credible evidence available, independent of the United States government about extraterrestrial affairs; and

8. The creation of an Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission will help to ensure the health, safety, and cultural awareness of Denver residents and visitors and, ultimately, facilitate the most harmonious, peaceful, mutually respectful, and beneficial coexistence possible between extraterrestrial intelligent beings and human beings.

Once again they are making claims of “credible evidence” but have shown none for you to agree with when signing this document. We already have departments that ensure the health and safety of citizens of the City of Denver and we cannot assume any of the other parts of this statement are true solely based on assumptions with no proof.

The legislative intent of this division is to create a responsible, responsive, commons sense strategy for dealing with issues related to the presence of extraterrestrial intelligent beings on Earth. To that end, the People of the City and County of Denver hereby establish an Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission, which shall have the following purposes;

1. To obtain and provide the most accurate, complete, credible, and relevant information available to city government personnel and residents about extraterrestrial intelligent beings on Earth;

2. To assist residents and visitors in reporting sighting or, or interactions with, extraterrestrial intelligent beings or their vehicles, and refer them to proper and most appropriate public of private service agencies;

3.  To inform people of the implication of encounters with extraterrestrial beings or  their vehicles;

4. To develop protocols for peaceful and diplomatic contact with extraterrestrial beings in the event of contact;

5. To fund the Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission entirely from grants, gifts and donations, without requiring any fiscal outlay form the city budget; and

6. To make expenditures for the Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission fund.

1. They claim in this document that there are already private credible organizations exist conducting this type of service. Why do we need a government agency repeating something that is already being done?

2. Once again they have already claimed that these referral services are already in place.

3. How can we know the implications without having ever had documented contact?

4. Why would we need to develop protocols if we agree with this document that states we have already interacted and dealt with them in the past?

5. The City and County of Denver has already spent money on this Commission. The multiple meetings held with the City Council, Counting of Ballots, Inclusion on any upcoming ballots all cost the city money. If the Commission is approved it will have to use City offices, have a representative (at least part time) as a liaison between the city and the Commission, and any revue or updates to the City from the Commission would require city employees to be present.

6. This fund would also have to be under the watch of the City so it would cost the City money.

Sec. 2-255-61 Commission Created.

There is hereby created an extraterrestrial affairs commission. The commission shall consist of seven(7) regular volunteer members approved by the Mayor who shall give preference to  four (4) residents of Denver, Colorado who satisfy the selection criteria. Each approved member must be a knowledgeable expert in some area related to extraterrestrial intelligent beings or their vehicles. Members who are not Denver residents may participate from anywhere in the universe by any means available. The commission shall include:

·         One expert in witness testimony from people who have previously had a top secret clearance and had direct personal close encounters with extraterrestrial beings or their vehicles. Such expert must have written at least one book or three scholarly articles focusing on whistleblower testimonies and/or five years work experience with an organization specializing in whistleblower testimonies.
·         One expert with a Ph.D. in the “natural sciences” i.e. physics, astronomy, or biology, etc.
·         One expert with a Ph.D. in the “social sciences” i.e. sociology, political science, etc.
·         A medical doctor who is a published author with expertise on the UFO/Extraterrestrial topic
·         One expert with at least five years experience in investigation of UFO/Extraterrestrial encounters as evidenced in their authoring of at least one book or three articles in scholarly journals.
·         One expert with a certificate or diploma in Exopolitics or who works with a UFO/Exopolotical organization with non-profit 501( c ) (3) status in the U.S. or its equivalent in other nations.
·          One expert who has consulted at least one hundred people regarding their alleged close encounters with extraterrestrial beings and has a Ph.D. in psychology or another suitable social science discipline.

“members approved by the Mayor”, If this is the case the cost of facilities and the time of the Mayor plus any assistants would come from the City budget.

Expert one –  This would be a person who would be willing to go against his/her top secret clearance to confirm that they believed they had an alien encounter, who is also an author with experience in whistleblower testimony?  Sounds like the position was hand written for someone that Jeff Peckman knows.

Expert two – This is a good choice for any research team to give it credibility.

Expert three – This is another good choice to gain credibility.

Expert four – An MD who is a specialist in U.F.O.’s who is also an author? Sounds like another one of Jeff Peckman’s friends.

Expert five – Five years experience in UFO investigation with one book and three articles published in a Scholarly journal. Not only does this sound like another person that Jeff created the job for but there is no “Scholarly journal” that publishes UFO experiences.

Expert six – Has a certificate or degree in Exopolitics and works for a non-profit group.  Another job created for a known person? And how credible is a degree/certificate in Exopolitics?

Expert seven – Has consulted with at least 100 people about close encounters and a suitable social science degree. This is another job created for a specific person.


Sec. 2-255.62 Powers and duties.

The powers and duties of the Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission shall be as follows:

1. To establish an Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission fund and to solicit and accept gifts, grants and donations;

2. To obtain and make available on the official City of Denver website the objectives of the commission, and any progress or other reports;

3. To display in the most cost-effective manner on the City of Denver web site, and otherwise, the most credible evidence and witness testimony regarding the existence and activities of extraterrestrial intelligent beings on earth;

4. To evaluate potential risks and benefits for the safety, health, and cultural awareness of Denver residents and visitors in relation to potential encounters and interactions with extraterrestrial intelligent beings;

5. To establish simple and reliable procedures for residents to report to local government authorities any sightings of, or contact with, extraterrestrial intelligent beings of their vehicles;

6. To refer residents and visitors to properly trained city personnel or private professionals, as necessary, to address valid concerns resulting from sightings of, or contacts with, extraterrestrial intelligent beings of their vehicles;

7. To expend all monies related to the Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission fund to achieve the purpose of this commission;

8. To report quarterly by the 15th of February, May, August and November to the mayor and city council on progress in achieving the stated purposes of the commission; and

9. To seek public input regarding present and future Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission activities and citywide needs, including at least two open hearings per year.


1. The solicitation of gifts, etc. for funding is acceptable, but will it be able to collect enough money to fund the commission?

2. To have access to the city web site there are many requirements. Training from the City IT department, Access to a City computer to access the intra-net, and a background screening for the persons placing content on the site. All of these requirements cost the City of Denver money.  This site also limits the type of content by design so the specifics of the expectations of the commission need to be more detailed.

3. This is another example of cost to the City. Computer use, Storage space and bandwidth are something that costs the City of Denver money. In this statement we also assume that we have proof of “the existence and activities of extraterrestrial intelligent beings on earth”.

4. This statement contradicts the previous statement  saying that the commission will evaluate potential extraterrestrial contact. In the prior statement it claims that we already have “the existence and activities of extraterrestrial intelligent beings on earth”.

5. This statement seems to just place a conduit between the city and an organization such as MUFON. Which would make such organizations “government approved” and maybe even open for government funding.

6. This statement is nothing more than a different wording of #5

7. Does this mean that they have to make sure to spend all of the money that would be allocated to the commission? What if they had an overage or not enough funding?

8. By having quarterly reporting to the Mayor and the City Council they would once again incur cost to the City of Denver by requiring city employees to attend these meetings in City owned buildings.

9. Two open public hearing per year would cost the City of Denver money for facilities, staffing, publication of notes, etc.

Sec. 2-255.63 Procedures

The commission is authorized to adopt bylaws and internal guidelines governing its operations and to promulgate rules and regulations as necessary to achieve the purpose of this division.

They can create their own rules?

Sec. 2-255.64 Staffing and administrative support.

Staffing and other administrative support for the Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission shall be determined by the commission, as necessary to achieve the purposes of this division.

They still have not spelled out what goals the commission has, other than to have access to the city website.  So how do they know what is “necessary to achieve the purposes of this division”.

Sec. 2-255.65 Relation to city departments and agencies.

Departments, offices, and agencies of the City and County of Denver that are responsible for administering the systems and related services shall cooperate with the Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission to support the purpose of this division.

This means that because they deal with “health, safety, education, web site, Mayors office & the City Council they will have access to all of the divisions involved in those fields. This could be dangerous due to the employee level access that would have to be allowed. Do they require the members of the Commission to pass a city background check?

Sec. 2-255.66 Implementation and Enforcement.

By the effective date, as set forth below, the City and County of Denver shall adopt all measures necessary for the proper and effective implementation and enforcement of this article.

Who decides what is “necessary for the proper and effective  implementation and enforcement”?

New claims against us...

Mr. Peckman is now claiming that a couple of “ghost-hunter wannabes are on a mission to get attention for themselves by continuously attacking Stan Romanek and me”

His comments also include statements that we are “nut cases” and “trying to get themselves into the news since they don’t do anything newsworthy otherwise.”

We would like to address the issue of the ballot initiative and its impact on the people of the City of Denver, the reputation of the City of Denver and his ongoing campaign to discredit us.

The “ghost-hunter wannabes” that he mentions are the Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research Society. We have been involved in paranormal claims investigations for over 11 years and even if Mr. Peckman does not want to admit it, before his little commission issue we have been involved with world-wide media for quite some time.

Mr. Peckman claims that we are trying to act professional and unethical and just trying to gain media attention for ourselves.  He has even gone so far as to claim that we have never said why we oppose the creation of an Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission. We have stated the facts behind the claims and why we oppose it in detail many times, but Mr. Peckman would rather that those facts be covered up by making wild statements about us and flat out lies about our tactics and opinions about the issue.

The facts are that Mr. Peckman wants to promote unproven U.F.O. claims through a public resource to give it credibility. These claims need to be proven to the public before the resources of the City are used to push a personal agenda. This shows the tactics that Mr. Peckman and his colleagues are taking to discredit an opposing viewpoint. While he does have the right to state his beliefs, we also have the right to voice an opposing opinion.

It is time to look at both sites of the issue and allow the public to decide for themselves, not cover-up the opposition and try to make them go away. We thought that cover-ups were something that Mr. Peckman was opposed to, but it seems that as long as he is the instigator of the cover-up that is ok.