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Proof of "Fairies" Captured On Film

According to the and the Manchester Evening News photographic proof of Fairies has been obtained by Professor/Lecturer/Musician John Hyatt.

In the article he claims that he noticed the "Fairies" in the images after blowing up the images and continues to state:
“I went out afterwards and took pictures of flies and gnats and they just don’t look the same."

Proof of "Fairies"
Original image of claimed "Fairies"

Examination of image:
This image is a great example of people looking at "evidence"without using any critical thinking. The photographer wanted to see Fairies and with no ruling out of mundane answers he jumped to the fantasy explanation. Unfortunately this is also proof of the media not using their investigative skills to verify something ParaStupid before they run a story.

Mosquito Close Up  Flock O' Skeeters
     Closeup of Mosquito in flight                  Mosquito swarm with a little back light

The article is claiming that photographs of Mosquitoes with a little back light is "proof" of "Fairies".

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